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Goldstein Technology Resources

The Goldstein Technology Research Guide

Google Cardboard Related Apps

Programming & Development

  1. Arduino
  2. Atom
  3. Visual Studio 2015
  4. Blend for Visual Studio 2015
  5. DrJava
  6. Python (command line)
  7. Android Developer
  8. R x64 3.3.1
  9. Python 3.5 (64-bit)

3D Design

  1. TinkerCAD*
  2. blender
  3. Sculptris*
  4. dilay
  5. meshmixer
  6. meshlab
  7. 123D Design

*Requires Free Personal Account Registration

Virtual Reality Development

  1. Oculus*
  2. Epic Games Launcher*
  3. OculusWorldDemo*
  4. Unity*

*Requires Free Personal Account Registration

Autodesk Education Community

  1. Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017*
  2. Autodesk Maya 2017*
  3. DWG TrueView2017 - English*
  4. Autodesk Desktop App*
  5. Autodesk ReCap 360*
  6. Autodesk Vault Basic 2017*
  7. Autodesk Fusion 360*

*Requires a Free Autodesk Education Community Account

Cardboard Games

Looking for some inspiration to design your Cardboard experience? Here are some free games in iOS or Android that might be of interest:

Get started with Cardboard!

Getting started? See the above link or see the similar instructions bellow!

  1. Check out or personally obtain a Google Cardboard viewer.
  2. Download the Google Cardboard App on your smartphone that you will be using with the Google Cardboard viewer from the Google Play Store (Android OS) or the Apple Store (iOS).
  3. Install the device by following the directions on the Google Cardboard viewer!

Google Cardboard Developers

Looking to create Google Cardboard content! The following sites will give you a starting point for your research:

Please note: The Google SDK for Unity 5.5.2 is currently loaded on the Goldstein Workstations.

For more information on VR...

Did you know that FSU has a registered student organization dedicated to the interests of computing and graphics?  They also have interests in VR spanning several schools on campus including but not limited to: Art, Film, Computer Science, and IT.  Check out ACM SigGraph: 

Check out a Google Cardboard Viewer from Goldstein Library!

Please note!

The Google Cardboard viewers are made of well... cardboard... please be mindful of their ability to be crushed.  All smart phones are not created equal, be sure to use a smartphones that is compatible with the viewer you are using.   

Student Acknowledgements

Development of Google Cardboard Patron Experience: Cheyvonne Youngblood. 

Special Thanks to ACM SigGraph at FSU a registered student organization.

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