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Goldstein Technology Resources

The Goldstein Technology Research Guide

Virtual Reality Development

  1. Oculus*
  2. Epic Games Launcher*
  3. OculusWorldDemo*
  4. Unity*

*Requires Free Personal Account Registration

3D Design

  1. TinkerCAD*
  2. blender
  3. Sculptris*
  4. dilay
  5. meshmixer
  6. meshlab
  7. 123D Design

*Requires Free Personal Account Registration

Programming & Development

  1. Arduino
  2. Atom
  3. Visual Studio 2015
  4. Blend for Visual Studio 2015
  5. DrJava
  6. Python (command line)
  7. Android Studio
  8. R x64 3.3.1
  9. Python 3.5 (64-bit)


WARNING: Patrons that are prone to motion sickness may experience discomfort that may include dizziness, nausea, or headaches.  If you begin to feel any discomfort while using virtual reality technology, please remove the headset and take a break from the visual interface.  The effects of motion sickness can be persistent after the initial discomfort begins.  It is recommended that patrons do not attempt to continue use of any virtual reality visualization technology until the discomfort subsides.  Do NOT attempt to power through the feelings of discomfort as this may prolong the ill effects well after one has left the library.

If this is your 1st VR experience... please note the following:

  1. Please regard the motion sickness warning above. 
  2. Multiple people use the headset, please keep your face clean and free of makeup, sweat, oil, or dirt before and during use.
  3. Situate the headset securely on your head.  Do not overly tighten the headset to your head.
  4. Do your best to center the headset lenses in front of your eyes, this will improve your VR viewing experience.
  5. Set and customize your personal profile using the tools sets provided by the manufacturer (more on this later).
  6. Glasses can be worn while using the headset, but this may be difficult to customize every checkout. Use contact lenses or size B eye cups can be made available. 
  7. The Oculus Rift and other software require that you have and are logged into a personal account to use them.  Please create these accounts before your scheduled VR experience to save some time!
  8. Take notes on how you are developing your workflow to save yourself time.
  9. Return the items borrowed in the same condition as when received.  Please inform the staff member of pre-existing conditions before you take responsibility of the item in question. 

Oculus Rift DK2

Oculus Rift Development Kit 2

The Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2 is the last model version of Oculus Rift before the commercial release. Note: The current version of the Oculus online Rift Experiences library does not officially support the DK2.  Some software not downloaded from the Rift Experiences site will still run with the DK2, but may require you to set the Oculus App to recognize Unknown Sources.


  1. DK2 Headset (on loan)
  2. Sensor (on loan to mount on top of monitor) 
  3. AC adapter (pre-installed additional system power) 
  4. Wiring Harness (pre-installed on the workstation)
  5. Xbox Controller (on loan and pre-installed USB interface on the workstation)

Related Software: 

  1. Oculus Rift Developer Kit Software 
  2. Oculus Experience Apps (must have a free personal account)
  3. Unity 5: Personal License (must have a free personal account)
  4. Unreal Engine (Epic Games Launcher): Personal License (must have a free personal account)

Currently Installed Oculus Apps (subject to change)


  • Oculus World Demo - A Tuscan villa exploration with no interaction (set Oculus App to recognize Unknown Sources).
  • Pantheon - A VR experience to create VR experiences! This is an early release so subscribe early to benefit from being an early user! (Caution: This has a Moderate comfort level rating from Oculus.)


  • Lucky's Tale - A platform style adventure game in an open 3D level.
  • Mountain Goat Mountain - A pyramid platform style game with a very hungry goat!
  • Farlands - A first person extraterrestrial photography and exploration game.

Cinematic Experiences

  • Invasion! - A fuzzy story of a memorable meeting.
  • The Rose and I - A cinematic experience influenced by Le Petite Prince.
  • Lost - Deep in this forest, the strange and unusual are ordinary and common place.
  • We Wait - The BBC's depiction of the refugee crisis.
  • The Body VR - Experience the human body from the inside!
Be sure to create your own Oculus account at home and add the pre-installed games to your library.  This will allow you to save your progress on the local machine (and possibly online).  Access to your virtual library will be through the DK2 headset and will require an X-box controller.  As some of the Oculus Experiences may have auditory cues, It is recommended that every user brings their own earphones/ earbuds.

For more information on VR...

Did you know that FSU has a registered student organization dedicated to the interests of computing and graphics?  They also have interests in VR spanning several schools on campus including but not limited to: Art, Film, Computer Science, and IT.  Check out ACM SigGraph: 

Check out VR equipment at Goldstein Library!

Student Acknowledgements

Development of Patron VR Services: Matt Baranovich, Zach Broe, Gwen Lofman, Adam See, Lucas Von Hollen & ...

Images Credit: Kate Mullen

Special thanks to ACM SigGraph at FSU a registered student organization.

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