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Federal Historical Documents

We have a rich collection of historical federal documents. Unfortunately not all of our early documents are in the online catalog. Below is a selective list of some of this rich collection. All of these documents are located in the federal documents section on the ground floor of Strozier Library.

Vital Statistics of the United States Some years also available in STROZIER Documents -- HE20.6210:

The Public Health Service was transferred from the Department of the Treasury to the Federal Security Agency, effective July 1, 1939. On April 11, 1953, it bacame a part of the newly created Department of Health, Educaiton, and Welfare. That is why many of our early documents for the Public Health Service are in the FS call numbers.  You may want to browse the shelves in FS2.2: for the monographs. After 1953, this agency's publications are in HE20.2: You may also want to browse in FS2.22: for the early monographs of the National Institutes of Health.

Vital Statistics Rates in the United States, 1900-1940

Vital Statistics Rates in the United States, 1940-1960 STROZIER Documents -- FS2.102:V83/ 1940-1960.

Bulletin of the National Institutes of Health. STROZIER Documents -- FS2.23: Library has 1900-1951. Title varies.

Patients in Mental Hospitals STROZIER Documents -- FS2.59: Library has 1923, 1926-1966. Title varies.

U.S. Public Health Service. Annual Reports. STROZIER Documents -- FS2.1: Library has 1915-1952.

Venereal Disease Information STROZIER Documents -- FS2.9: Library has 1941-1951.

The Deadly Virus: The Influenza Epidemic of 1918 (National Archives and Records Administration)

Mortality Statistics (United States Bureau of the Census) STROZIER, Documents General Collection Ground Floor -- C3.40:1906-1936 (with gaps)

Florida Historical Documents

Our Florida Documents are in 2 different call number systems. The earliest documents were originally classed in the Dewey Decimal System, (and most of them have been re-classed to Library of Congress (LC)) and then later into the Library of Congress call number system. The most recent system is a made up system called, Fla-Doc where the books are classed by the agency that produced them. For some serials, we tended to keep them in the Dewey numbers as we acquired later years and that is why many of our historical documents are in the Florida documents Dewey call numbers. You could also locate material by browsing the shelf around the call numbers that are displayed below, because many of the documents are not in the online catalog. One example of this is the Florida Health Notes found in  Dewey 610.5 F636. Below are some examples of the rich collection we have. All of these books are on the ground floor of Strozier Library in the Florida section of the Documents collection.

Florida Vital Statistics STROZIER, Documents -- Florida -- HA38.F6 F56 Includes most years 1937-present. Online, 1998-present.

Florida Health Notes STROZIER Documents -- Florida --RA44.B3, 1928-1972.

Florida Morbidity Statistics STROZIER Documents -- Florida -- Fla-Doc HEA3. M56

Florida State Board of Health Annual Report STROZIER Documents -- Florida -- RA44.B1, 1898-1974 (may have scattered years)

Florida State Welfare Board Annual Report 1937-1973 (may have scattered years)

Nutrition Today STROZIER Documents -- Florida -- RA784.N85 1971-1996 and in Film PR, 1966-1999. Later years in the OVID database.

Public Assistance in Florida STROZIER Documents -- Florida -- 360.9759 F686 L51p, 1951-52.


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