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HFT 2890 International Food & Culture

This libguide was designed for HFT 2890 class in 2015.

Final Project Parts

Read the assignment instructions carefully. A go-to place for this assignment is "Encyclopedia of Food & Culture," but you will have to find and use other information sources as well to complete the assignment.

Project Parts Types of information Suggested Sources
Intro to cultural comparison; Environment;

Background info on countries

Overview of international cuisines


Databases & websites for country information 

Websites for international cuisines 

Books on World Geography are a  great source to explore information on world regions. 
"World Regions in Global Context" 
(@ Strozier, Course Reserves) 

Geography  Maps 

Google Maps 

Rand McNally

Free Map creation tools 

World Atlas 


Pop Culture Universe: Icons, idols, ideas 
eHRAF: World Cultures

Encyclopedia of Food & Culture
Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America


Local food

Newspaper or magazine articles on trendy cuisines in the country or region

Hospitality & Tourism Complete 
Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure Collection

Culinary Arts Collection
Final analysis    

PowerPoint Tips

Free online tutorials for software, design and business topics, including the tutorials on how to create presentation slides (e.g. Powerpoint), and customized maps.

You must be an active FSU student or employee to use

  1. Log in to myFSU at with your username and password.
  2. Click on the "Secure Apps" tab
  3. Click on the link that says Online Training

 Once you log on, explore tutorials/topics such as:

  • PowerPoint 2013 Power Shortcuts 
  • PowerPoint 2013 Essential Training 
  • PowerPoint: Using Photos and Video Effectively for Great Presentations 
  • PowerPoint: From Outline to Presentation 
  • PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Business Presentations 

  • GIS on the Web (Google Maps, Bing Maps, Esri to create map mashups)

Finding & Using Images

Food Images in Public Domain

Food Images in Commercial Domain

  • Google Advanced Image Search  
    At Usage Rights section, choose "Free to Use or Reuse" option from the drop-down menu. Add keywords such as food, international food, for the search. 


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