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IFS 2075 Foundations of Research & Inquiry

The purpose of this e-series freshman honors seminar is to advance library research, writing skills, and critical thinking skills.

What's the most challenging part of conducting research?

This image was created based on student responses about writing research papers. 


Avoid the Perils of Plagiarism!

FSU Academic Honor Policy on Plagiarism states (2014, p. 1):". . . PLAGIARISM. Presenting the work of another as one's own (i.e., without proper acknowledgement of the source). Typical Examples Include: Using another's work from print, web, or other sources without acknowledging the source; quoting from a source without citation; using facts, figures, graphs, charts or information without acknowledgement of the source; utilizing ghostwriting or pay-for-paper services."

Types of Plagiarism. (n.d.) Retrieved 9/2/2014 from <>

The Principles of Paraphrasing by the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Avoiding Plagiarism by Purdue OWL (Online Writing Guide): 

Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab for Citations

Zotero Research Guide

Simple Steps to Paraphrase

Step 1: Reading the Information Carefully

Step 2: Make sure you understand the vocabulary, points and themes of the piece.

Step 3: Take a break from the material. Digest the information, make it part of your knowledge base by apply already known personal knowledge and experiences.

Step 4: Write out what the article talks about as though you were talking to someone about the article without the article open.

Step 5: Compare grammar and vocabulary to make sure it is phrased in your unique communication style and structure.

Step 6: Give credit to unique ideas by citations. *If information is common knowledge no citation is needed even if found in an article.


Handymandanonline  This is a good website that checks for similarities in language and vocabulary between the original work and the paraphrasing to preserve original scholarly content.

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