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by Bridgett Birmingham, Michelle Demeter - Last Updated Apr 20, 2015
Business in the Movies
by Kyung Kim, Trip Wyckoff - Last Updated Jun 2, 2013
A guide to using film clips and quotes to describe business situations in presentations and classes for both students and faculty.
Film Rev
by Bridgett Birmingham - Last Updated Aug 24, 2012
Medieval Film
by Abby Scheel - Last Updated Feb 7, 2014
Use this guide to find scholarship on Medieval film and also to locate some of the films we have in the FSU Libraries that take place during the Medieval period. Please email me with any questions!
Science Fiction
by William Modrow, Malcolm Shackelford - Last Updated Aug 26, 2014
This is a guide to resources in the FSU Libraries on Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Speculative Fiction, Etc.