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Summon What? OneSearch What?

How to best use the Summon/One Search tool provided by the FSU Libraries.

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So what is...

So what is this Summon/OneSearch option?

Summon/OneSearch is a search engine that theoretically searches across all of the subscription databases licensed by the FSU Libraries. The idea behind it is that one search should be able to find books, journal articles, sound recordings, etc., no matter which database (like Oxford Music Online, Naxos, RILM, JStor, the library catalog) has the information and content.

Theoretically. Sounds like a great concept, right?

Unfortunately OneSearch doesn't work for all of the music-related resources, although it's great for interdisciplinary research. To make the best use of Summon/OneSearch, you need to know what it searches and what it doesn't search. Keep reading!

What IS searched by Summon/OneSearch or Why Would I Want to...?

Great question. If a number of the resources you use regularly are NOT indexed/searched by Summon/OneSearch, why would you want to use it?

This tool does search across a number of other resources you do and will use regularly. For example, Summon/OneSearch does search

What isn't searched by Summon/OneSearch?

On 8 October 2014, Summon/OneSearch does not retrieve content or information from the following music-specific resources:

That's right, Music Index and RILM are NOT searched with the Summon/OneSearch tool.

Other relevant databases not searched/indexed by Summon/OneSearch:

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