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Libguides 2

LibGuides Version 2 is coming. This guide explains some of the new features.


Guide Contents

Florida State University Libraries is be moving to LibGuides V2 NOW.

V2 has some features that make it easier to use, 

  • Reordering is no longer limited to within one box
  •  Top and Bottom boxes in Tabbed-nav
  •  2 Navigation options
  •  Databases are Assets
  • Better Search & Widgets functionality

The Process:

  1. Play with and customize the system.
  2. Clean up your current LibGuides site.
  3. Migrate your content.
  4. Clean up your v2 site post-migration. (This is being done NOW)
  5. Go live!


Our LibGuides v2 site will not be available during the migration.

Our LibGuides v1 site will be available. Any changes to your migration will not be migrated.




Will be Migrated Will Not be Migrated
All User Accounts System / Group Banner Images
All Guides / Most Guide Content (See Will Not be Migrated list for content that will not be migrated.) System / Group Custom HEAD Code
Statistics (happens just before going live) System / Group Custom Header Code
Images in the Image Manager System / Group Custom Footer Code
Subjects Printer Friendly Custom HEAD Code
Tags Printer Friendly Custom Header Code
Friendly URLs Printer Friendly Custom Footer Code
Groups (LibGuides CMS Only) Tab / Box Color Choices
Resource Icons Custom Analytics Code
Access Rules (LibGuides CMS Only) System / Group Homepage Options
Language Options Admin Alert Box Content
E-Reserves These Box Types:
  • Table of Contents (Switch to side nav template post migration.)
  • LibAnswers (Will be a LibGuides v2 content type, but only for LibAnswers v2; manual addition of LibAnswers v1 widgets will need to happen.)
  • Surveys (Will be a LibGuides v2 content type, but only for CMS clients, just like in v1)
  • Events (No equivalent in v2; if you have LibCal, add LibCal widgets via the Media / Widget content item.)
  • Delicious (Integrate Delicious widgets via Media / Widget content item post migration.)
  • User Link Submission (No equivalent in v2. Removed due to extremely low useage.)
  • Feedback (No equivalent in v2. Removed due to extremely low usage.)
Remote Scripts
  • will become widget assets
  • an iFrame tag will point to the original script URL
Comments / Discussion Boards
We are working on how to add these to the v2 system. Use of this functionality was about 0.25% (yes, a quarter of 1 percent) or less, so we're discussing alternate functionality.
  Forms & Surveys (being replaced with LibSurveys)
  Images from Deleted v1 Account Image Libraries (Accounts deleted at any point prior to migration.)
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