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This guide gives an overview of digital media resources offered to faculty and graduate students by the Scholar's Commons. You'll also find tutorials, links, and advice for all students.



Bulk Downloading With Firefox Add-ons

Bulk Downloading With Firefox Add-ons

Which add-ons do I need?

Don't know what an add-on is? Look here.

You'll need to install two add-ons:

  • Down Them All!, which accelerates and manages downloads.
  • FlashGot, when used in tandem with Down Them All! (DTA), makes downloading an entire page's worth of images, pdfs, mp3s, etc., simple.

See fig. 1

I have the add-ons. How do I use them?

Once you've installed the addons, follow the steps outlined below to begin using DTA and FlashGot.

Find a page filled with direct links to downloadable assets.

Links to documents, images and audiovisual media do not always point to the asset itsef. Web developers frequently hide these assets behind rewritten 'simplified' urls that obscure an object's true location.

You can be certain of success using these add-ons only if the browser's status bar indicates that a link actually points to the type of file you wish to download in bulk. Fig. 2 shows the exact location of Firefox's status bar.

FlashGot All on the contents of the page.

In Firefox's 'Tools' menu, hover over 'FlashGot' and then choose 'FlashGot All.' Pressing Ctrl+F3 has the same effect. See fig. 3.

Configure DTA for the files you wish to download.

You need to tell DTA two things: the types of file(s) to download, and a place to put them all. Use fig. 4 for reference.

Choose an appropriate location for the files you will download. Either type the path to a folder, use the dropdown to choose a previously used location, or click the folder icon next to the dropdown and browse.

Under the 'Filters' heading, select one or more of the check boxes that correspond to the types of file you wish to download.

If none of the choices listed under 'Filters' matches what you need, you may add your own filetype filter in the box under 'Fast Filtering.'

Determine whether DTA can do the job.

After configuring the download, check to make sure you are actually going to download something. Scroll through the list of links in the top half of the DTA window looking for links highlighted green: those are the objects that DTA will download in bulk. See fig. 5.

Click 'Start' on the DTA window.

If everything from the previous steps looks good, you are ready to download.

Search for and install the addons DownThemAll! and FlashGot.

Look in Firefox's status bar to determine whether a link is direct or not.

Find the 'FlashGot All' command from Firefox's 'Tools' menu.

Saving options

Choose a filter appropriate to the type of file you wish to download and select a location for the downloaded files.

Select links

Determine whether DTA can download the objects.

"Start!" and "Add paused" buttons

Downloads are GO!

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