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Intellectual Property Research: Industry Research

Industry Ratios

The first two resources are only available in print, please contact for access.

Industry Model Templates

Industry Profiles

Industry Financial Data

Company-Specific Ratios


Ratio analysis drawn from a company’s financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement) and is used to assess an organization's business condition and overall risk. Ratios provide useful aggregate comparative data on industry performance, are often used to benchmark the performance of the company against their industry peers.

When generating your own calculations on financial statements found in the 10K and 10Q, you will be working with the actual numbers as they were stated by the company, rather than a recalculation or standardization of those numbers. SEC IDEA data allows you to easily download the company's financial statements into Excel directly from the SEC filings.

Most of the secondary financial services (such as Hoovers’, NetAdvantage, and Mergent) rework the financials and often round the data to standardize. These reworks can significantly impact the quality of your ratio so be sure to check your data against the SEC IDEA data.


Bizminer provides blinded industry financials only. No company specific data is disclosed.

Analyst Reports

Savvy Researcher Hint: You can also contact an analyst or investment bank that covers the company or industry you are interested in. They will often share with you their most recent reports with you. Also check with a stock brokerage for access to brokerage and analyst reports. Several brkerages still provide free access to anaylsts reports.

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