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IPOs & New Issuers

Historical IPOs

Historical IPOs and IPO-like information are found in a number of resources:

  • SEC Edgar goes back to 1994. Most everything on internet and free is only available since 1994. S-1 forms are the main IPO document.
  • Library of Congress (and select libraries) have S-1 documents in microfiche format generally from 1978-1980s (FYI we have this fiche). It was produced by Q-Corporation. See our company Information in the Business History guide.
  • Disclosure SEC  - SEC company filings - 1993-2005 CD-ROMS (FSU does not own, we might be able to borrow through ILL)
  • Listing Statements of the New York Stock Exchange by F.E. Fitch, Inc.
    • Published/Created: 1884/88-1945
    • There is an index covering the years up to 1945.
    • Some are available via Hathi Trust but most we need to borrow through ILL
    • This is a set that may not widely available and are the initial filings by a company. They are bound together - you will need an index.
  • Issuer summaries; security issues in the United States
  • Provides data on corporate new issues from July 23, 1933 to December 31, 1949 in two volumes. Prepared by counsel for defendants in United States v. Henry S. Morgan, et al., doing business as Morgan Stanley & Co.; et al. (Civil No. 43-757) United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Available from FLARE General Collection
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