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American Literature

A guide to resources for the study of American literature.

Finding Books


Zora Neale Hurston

Literary works and books about literature in the FSU Libraries can be found in two main ways: by searching the online FSU Library Catalog and by browsing the Libraries' collection.


Find Books @ Other Libraries

Books in libraries other than FSU may be requested through UBORROW or Interlibrary Loan. FSU students and faculty may personally check out books from any state university or community college library in Florida by using their FSU card.

    Search the FSU Catalog


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Browse and Search

FSU Libraries uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification system.  Use the LCcall numbers below to browse the shelves or the LC subject headings below to search the catalog for books about American literature.

Library of Congress Classifications

Browse the shelves at Strozier Library along these call numbers for additional materials on American literature. The majority of the 'P's are on the fourth and fifth floors.  Additional materials (such as micromaterials, media, and reference books) may be found on the ground floor and the first (main) floor.

  • PS 1-3576---American literature
  •       PS 126-138---Biography, memoirs, letters, etc.
  •       PS147-152---Women authors
  •       PS 163-173---Treatment of special subjects, classes
  •       PS 185-231---By period
  •             PS 185-195---17th-18th centuries
  •             PS 201-217---19th century
  •             PS 221-228---20th century
  •             PS 229-231---21st century
  •       PS 241-286---Special regions, states, etc.
  •       PS 301-326---Poetry
  •       PS 330-353---Drama
  •       PS 360-380---Prose
  •       PS 400-408.2---Oratory
  •       PS 409---Diaries
  •       PS 410-419---Letters
  •       PS 420-429---Essays
  •       PS 430-439---Wit and humor.  Satire
  •       PS 451-478---Folk literature
  •       PS 501-689---Collections of American literature
  •       PS 700-3626---Individual authors
  •             PS 700-893---17th and 18th centuries
  •             PS 991-3390---19th century
  •             PS 3500-3549---1900-1960
  •             PS 3550-3576---1961-2000
  •             PS 3600-3626---2001-

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Subject headings allow for more precise searching for topics in a library catalog.  Try searching the FSU catalog or WorldCat by Subject Heading with these terms:

  • African American authors
  • African Americans in literature
  • American fiction
  • American literature
  • American poetry
  • Asian American authors
  • Authors, American
  • Criticism and interpretation
  • Gays' writings, American
  • History and criticism
  • Indian authors
  • Indians in literature
  • Latin American literature
  • Latin American poetry
  • Lesbians' writings, American
  • Spanish American literature
  • Women authors
  • Women in literature

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