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Temporary Access to Electronic Resources During COVID-19


During the COVID-19 pandemic, some publishers and vendors are providing temporary access to their proprietary collections. Expanded resources are only available during the dates listed below and at the discretion of each publisher. When possible, we have included a link to related content available with continual access through FSU Libraries subscriptions. We will continue to update this list as more information becomes available.

eBook Platforms

Booklist (available until August 31)

Includes: All Booklist and Book Links content. Booklist is a book-review magazine that has been published by the American Library Association for more than 100 years. Booklist Online is the web version of the Booklist print magazine.

HathiTrust Digital Library (available until further notice)

Includes: A wide range of digitized content. HathiTrust Digital Library is a large-scale collaborative repository of digital content from research libraries including content digitized via Google Books and the Internet Archive digitization initiatives, as well as content digitized locally by libraries.

Access instructions: Select "Log In", choose "Florida State University" in the list of partner institutions, then sign in using your FSUID.

Internet Archive (available until further notice)

Includes: The Internet Archive National Emergency Library has closed, but they've created another resource for continued access to eBooks. Access to these new eBooks are limited to one borrower at a time.

Access Instructions: Only one borrower per book is allowed. Go to the website using the link above and create an account.

Rittenhouse R2 Digital Library (available until further notice)

Includes: Access to their eBook platform consisting of health science collections featuring a comprehensive collection of medical, nursing and allied health eBooks.

University of Michigan Press (available until August 31, 2020)

Includes: All content in University of Michigan Press eBook Collection.

Journal Platforms

East View (available until September 30, 2020)

Includes: East View is a leading provider of native and translated foreign language information products and services, including Russian, Chinese, and Arabic databases, print periodicals, books and microforms. Follow the link for a full list of resources.

EDP Sciences (available until August 2020)

Includes: Journals published from 2018-2020. Topics range from: physics & astronomy, engineering & technology, health sciences & dentistry, life sciences, chemistry, mathematics and computer sciences.

JSTOR (available until December 21, 2020)

Includes: Full archive expanded access to Arts & Science Collections, Thematic Collections, Primary Source Collections; 26 journal archives in public health; over 6,000 articles covering subjects such as coronavirus, communicable disease control, distance education, health surveillance, and more. For more information please visit here.

Library Journal (available until further notice)

Includes: All free content on their site; industry and book news/updates as is relates to Library Science.

Microbiology Society (available until further notice)

Includes: All journals within microbiology. It is one of the largest microbiology societies in Europe with a worldwide membership based in universities, industry, hospitals, research institutes and schools.

Project Muse for Instructors (available until further notice)

Includes: Project MUSE hosts a variety of books and articles on the subject of online teaching, distance learning, and many other topics on higher education and technology. Participating publishers have temporarily freed over 40 resources to anyone who visits Project MUSE.

Publisher's Weekly (available until further notice)

Includes: Access to the digital magazine, an American weekly trade news magazine targeted at publishers, librarians, booksellers and literary agents.

VoxGov (available until August 31, 2020)

Includes: Voxgov is an online subscription-based service that provides access to more than 62 million federal documents continuously indexed from over 45,000 government web locations.  This includes content related to COVID-19 and election material, both of which are vital and timely resources.

COVID-19 Research Resources

SPOTLIGHT ProQuest - Coronavirus Research Database 

Includes: A newly built ProQuest database, created in response to the rapidly growing need for authoritative content related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

AIP Publishing (available until further notice)

Includes: a collection of articles on infectious diseases, epidemics, computational epidemiology, and pandemics free to read.

BioOne (available until December 31, 2020)

Includes: Peer-reviewed research about the COVID-19 virus.

Brill (available until April 30, 2021)

Includes: COVID-19 and coronavirus related content.

Duke University Press (available until October 1, 2020)

Includes: Selected books and articles relating to disease and virus control.

Access Instructions: After clicking on the website link in this guide, please see the list of selected articles available.

Elsevier (ScienceDirect) (available until August 31, 2020)

Includes: Selected information relating to coronavirus and pandemics is available.

Emerald Insight (available until further notice)

Includes: research on COVID-19, management of epidemics and pandemics, and supply chain management free for anyone.

JoVe Science Videos (available until further notice)

Includes: Video content related to coronavirus outbreak and other related subjects.

Royal Society Publishing, The (available until September 1, 2020)

Includes: All journal content available, including articles related to coronavirus and similar topics.

SIAM Epidemiology Collection (available until March 2021)

Includes: Content focused on disease modeling, pandemics, and vaccines.

Taylor & Francis (available until further notice)

Includes: Access to journal artilces related to coronavirus.

Wiley (available until further notice)

Includes: Articles related to the current outbreak, as well as a collection of journal articles and book chapters on coronavirus research.

Additional Resources

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