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Dealing with FSU Vlabs Apps

This guide gives an overview of how to get up and running with FSU Vlabs apps. Specifically: 1. Apps vs. Desktops 2. Launching Apps 3. Loading and Saving to the LOCAL machine.

FSU VLabs Overview

This link opens FSU VLabs. If you've never installed the Citrix Receiver plugin, clicking the link will allow you to do so.

FSU's VLabs offer members of the FSU community the ability to run FSU-licensed applications on their own machines from anywhere with an internet connection. You can read more about it here: FSU Vlabs.

Successfully running an application requires three things:

  • understanding that 'login' and 'password' refers to your FSU login and password
  • installing the Citrix Receiver plugin
  • knowing how to navigate for files and folders when using a VLabs app


Installing the Citrix Receiver Plugin

With a few exceptions, if the FSU VLabs site doesn't detect the Citrix Receiver plugin already on your machine, you'll see a big 'Install' button when you go to the VLabs page.

However, Google Chrome on library-owned public computers (iMacs, PCs, PC Laptops, Macbook Pros) does not always correctly recognize the plugin. Your computer may behave the same. If you know for absolute certain that you've installed the Citrix Receiver, click the 'login' button instead of 'Install,' and proceed to the next section.


First, go to FSU VLab.

Click the "Install" button to download the Citrix Receiver plugin.
File popup on bottom of screen
If using Google Chrome, you'll be able simply to click here to begin installation. Internet Explorer might ask if it can open the file. You'll probably need to dig for the installer in your downloads folder if using a different browser. Once you've located it, double-click on it.
Logon page
Once you've installed Citrix Receiver, you'll be able to use your FSU credentials to log in.


Again, start off by going here.

The steps for obtaining and opening the Citrix Receiver installer are the same on a Mac as they are on a Windows computer. Use the first two images above as a guide.

Double-click on the 'Install Citrix Receiver' icon. I suggest also dragging the 'Uninstall Citrix Receiver' icon into your Applications or Documents folder for later use.
Keep clicking 'Continue' and agreeing to whatever the installer asks. Make sure to breeze by the account setup option without a second thought.
"Confirm installation is complete. Please wait while the download process begins. After Citrix Receiver is installed, click Continue."
Once installation has completed, you'll be able to use your FSU credentials to log in.
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