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Adding Additional Mailboxes to Outlook: Home

Steps and screenshots illustrating the process of connecting additional mailboxes to your FSU email account in Outlook 2013

Adding Additional Mailboxes to Outlook

Please Note: This guide covers adding additional mailboxes to your FSU email account in Outlook 2013. If you wish to add an additional email account from another provider (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), see Microsoft's directions.

Before you begin, make sure the following three statements are true for you:

  • you already have Outlook set up and checking mail
  • you know the email address of the mailbox that you'd like to add 1
  • you have permission to access the mailbox 2


1 If you don't know the address, ask a coworker, your supervisor, or systems.

2 If you are unsure whether you have permission to use a mailbox, ask your supervisor or submit a ticket to Systems.

You'll expend the majority of your effort during this procedure digging around for the proper place to type the additional email address you'd like to check. Start by going to 'File' from Outlook's main window, and then clicking the 'Account Settings' dropdown, and selecting 'Account Settings' from the list.
This is the 'Account Settings' window; here, select your account and then click the 'Change...' button.
We still don't see what we need to see in the 'Change Account' window *, so we'll have to click the 'More Settings' button.
Finally, we get to a pane where we can add the mailbox. Click the 'Advanced' tab and then the 'Add...' button. A small popup window will open, and we can add the address in the form [mailboxname] After adding the address and clicking 'OK,' Outlook will think for a while and probably prompt you for a password a time or two. Eventually you'll see the new mailbox under the 'Mailboxes' heading. Click 'Apply' when all seems well/

Remember, you can always ask Systems for assistance by submitting a ticket to the Tech Support queue.

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