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PUP 5607: Health Politics & Policy

Class Assignment: Choose a Health Policy Issue; Find its Legislative History; Interest Group Involvement


"CQ Press: CQ Researcher: In-depth reports on today's issues"

i. On the CQ homepage, click on “Browse Topics” and select “Health”

ii. On the "Browse Reports by Topic" page, select a topic of interest. Example, “Medicaid and Medicare”

iii. On the results page, choose a report of interest. Example, "Health Care Reform"


"Gale: Opposing Viewpoints in Context"


i. Click on "Browse Issues". Limit results by choosing "Health and Medicine" as a "Category", example "Health Care Issues"

ii. On the results page, select a tab of interest: Featured Viewpoints; Statistics; Academic Journals Browse; Primary Sources; and News. Tabs on page – Viewpoints, Academic Journals, Primary Sources, etc.

Note: Articles are not necessarily current.


Journal of Health Policy Thought and Research


Journal of Health Policy Thought and Research: A health care policy and managed care journal that addresses health care system change from the perspectives of all its players, through data, analysis, policy proposals, and commentary.

i. On the homepage, click on "Topics" and select a topic of interest, example, “Affordable Care Act”. Select the article of your choice.

ii. On the journal homepage,  on “Theme Issues”. This contains journal issues dedicated to specific themes. Choose a theme of interest.

iii. “Briefs” on the journal homepage contains recent health policy briefs.


Health Policy logo


Health Policy Journal: Provides a forum for the discussion of health policy issues among health policy researchers, legislators, decision makers and other professionals.

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