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Business-to-Business (B2B)

B2B Magazines

B2B logoSome of the best sources for case studies, statistics and current research are magazines and academic journals. Magazines and journals at FSU can be found here. Major trade journals and academic journals that often cover the B2B market are: 

  •  B to B magazine
  •  B2B Marketing Magazine
  •  European Journal of Marketing  (This journal often has special "theme" issues)
  • E-Commerce Times
  • Industrial Marketing Management
  • Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing  (This journal often has special "theme" issues)
  • Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Journal of Supply Chain Management
  • min (Media Industry Newsletter)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Management Review

Introduction to Business to Business

Researching B2B markets that estimate demand in a particular industry can be very difficult, as each industry can have its own peculiarities. The range of relevant resources is equally broad: there is no single perfect source that will cover every aspect of your topic. This guide will highlight key magazines, journals, websites and library resources (print and electronic) for spotting B2B trends and best practices. You might also want to look at the Industry Research 101 and the Company Research 101 for resources and suggestions for researching.

 Electronic Business, commonly referred to as "eBusiness" or "e-Business", can be defined as the utilization of information and communication technologies in support of all the activities of business. When organizations go online, they have to decide which e-business models best suit their goals. B2B e-commerce is simply e-commerce between companies. About 80% of e-commerce is of this type, and most experts predict that B2B e-commerce will continue to grow faster than the B2C segment.


 The term "business-to-business" was originally coined to describe the electronic communications between businesses or enterprises in order to distinguish it from the communications between businesses and consumers (B2C). It eventually came to be used in marketing as well, initially describing only industrial or capital goods marketing. Today it is widely used to describe all products and services used by enterprises. Another common term is “Industrial Marketing.”



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