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Value Chain Analysis

Business Source Complete

  • Provides in-depth company reports from MarketLine. Articles and other reports may be available.
  1. Enter Company name in search box
  2. Set dropdown to “Company Entity”
  3. Using the blue menu bar at the top of the screen, hover over More and select Company Profiles


ABI/INFORM Collection

  • Search the company's name or ticker symbol using dropdown at right of search box set to “Company/organization – ORG”


  • Provides in-depth company profiles by combining information.
  1. Under “Subject” tab can search for Corporate/Industrial News can search for subheadings: Analyst’s Comments, Business Destructive Innovation, Capacity, Corporate Strategy/Planning, Digitization, Environmental/Social/Governance, Information Technology, Labor/Personnel, Products/Services, Regulation/Government Policy, Research/Development, Supply chain, etc.




  • Can find articles, links and websites for company and industry information. Use .PDF or .doc to find relevant information

Mergent Online

  • Provides detailed company information for international and US public companies.
  • Find business segments here! Current and historic financial data, detailed info on executives, and competitor lists.
  1. “Company Financials” covers yearly or quarterly financial data in “As Reported”, “Preliminary Data”, “Standardized”(comparable with other companies), “Restated”, company “Ratios” and “Analysis” of the financials.
  2. “Annual Reports” (dark green tab under company information) will list the Annual Report (i.e. report favorable to company), the 10-K (SEC required report), and addition reports like Corporate Social Responsibility, Interim Reports, etc.
  3. “Filings” (dark green tab under company information) will list the actual SEC filings in order as filed; has ability to search specific filings (10K, 10Q, 8K, etc.)
  4. “Competitors” lists competitors based on the company’s NAICS/SIC codes, companies often have multiple codes to make sure to capture all for a complete list of competitors. List will also not capture if they are true competitors or just in the same code.


Mergent Intellect (First Research)

  • Mergent Intellect has several different databases.
  • Select “First Research” on opening page of Mergent Intellect, enter FSU address
  • Search for industry (i.e. search for “Apple” will also bring back “Music Production & Distribution”)
  • Several tabs on left that contain information for  Value Chain Analysis, especially “Critical Issues, Executive Insight, and Call Prep Questions”

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