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Business History


Strozier has a very large collection of documents from the Federal Government, including reports from several agencies which have regulated, monitored, or contributed to business. The list to the right provides the names of many of those agencies, as well as links to historical data sets and other collections which are available online.

Next to each agency name is a note listing its SuDoc call number- this tells you where you can find print reports from each agency in Strozier's documents collection on the Ground Floor. These print reports may provide background information on specific commodities or government policies, as well as provide data that are otherwise unavailable online.

To learn more about Strozier's Federal Documents collection, check out the library's U.S. Government Guide.

To browse all federal data sets that are available online, visiit


Congressional Documents: SuDoc Y
Thomas (Congressional legislation covering 1973 to the present)
LexisNexis Congressional (full text Congressional documents, including the Serial Set, covering 1789 to present)
U.S. Congressional Serial Set (from Readex- Congressional action covering 1817-1980)
Publications of National Monetary Commission

Department of Agriculture
: SuDoc A
USDA's Economic Research Service has a large collection of data sets available here.
Foreign Agricultural Trade of the U.S. (FATUS) is online for years 1975 to present

Department of Commerce: SuDoc C
Lots of data from the Census website
Also, the University of Virginia provides historical census data
The Bureau of Economic Analysis has historical data (back to 1929) available here.
Data sets from the International Trade Administration here (covering 1989 to present).

Department of Labor: SuDoc L
The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a great deal on their website.

Department of the Treasury: SuDoc T
Corporation Income Tax Returns (1994-2007 online from the IRS)
Monthly Statement of the Public Debt (MSPD): online 1953-present

International Trade Commission
: SuDoc ITC
(formerly the Tariff Commission: SuDoc TC)
United States Import and Export Data available online

Securities and Exchange Commission: SuDoc SE
SEC News Digest (1956-present) available online
SEC Speeches and Public Statements (1929-present) available online

Small Business Administration: SuDoc SBA
Statistics from the last two decades are available on their website.

Works Progress Administration: SuDoc FW

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