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Resources for MUE3311: Finding Articles

Resources for Teaching Reading and Music in the Elementary School

Top Resources for YOU!

Looking for articles on music education or music therapy topics?  These databases will help you find it:

  • PsycNet indexes articles in psychology, but also related fields such as music education and music therapy.  You can use the "Methodology" option under "limit your results" to search for articles using specific kinds of research methodolgies (e.g. emperical, literature review, qualitative, quantitative). Be sure to scroll down the page to get to it!
  • ERIC indexes articles and more in Education.
  • Educators Reference Complete contains journal articles and reports; calls itself a complement to ERIC.
  • Education Full Text also indexes articles and more in Education.  Some overlap with ERIC.

How to cite articles using APA style:


Top music therapy journals -- full text links

More journal titles are available too; here's an FSU library catalog search for music therapy periodicals.

Searching Tips

Venn DiagramRemember these intersecting circles from High School Geometry? They're BACK! It's a Venn Diagram. Think about the words you search as being in a Venn Diagram. That can help you form effective searches in library resources (pssst, and Google too!).

See the capitalized words (AND, OR, AND NOT)? These are called Boolean operators. In resources like the library databases, the library catalog, and Google, you can use those words to narrow or broaden your search.

Here are a few searches you may want to try:

music AND secondary NOT primary

music AND therapy NOT adults


  • Use the double quotes to search your words as a phrase: "music education" instead of music AND education. (If you don't believe me, try it!)
  • Use the * (that's shift-8) to help with endings on your words.  For example:  sing* will bring up items with the words sing, sings, singing, etc.


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