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Alternative Citation Metrics

This guide is meant to inform scholars, students and librarians about developments in alternative citation metrics, or Altmetrics, as it is commonly referred.

Altmetric Bookmarklet

Reading a paper and want to find out its Altmetric details?Install the free bookmarklet for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Just drag it to your bookmarks bar from the Altmetric Bookmarklet web site.

Keep in mind:

  1. It works only when DOI is available, and in several databases such as PubMed and arXiv.
  2. It works when publishers embed Google Scholar friendly citation metadata.
  3. Twitter mentions are only available for articles published since July 2011.
  4. Check the FAQ section for more limitations of this tool.

Source: Loria, P. (2013). Impact beyond metrics: Telling your research impact story. (.ppt) 

 Article information in popup box


Free Altmetrics Tools

Several tools are being developed to help you measure the influence of your scholarly work and tell your impact story:

ResearchGate logo - Allows sharing of publications between users, and tracks views, downloads, and citations. logo - Allows users to follow the research of other academics.
Public Library of Science logo - Displays altmetric information for recently-published articles in the Public Library of Science.
"Bernard Becker Medical Library" logo - Provides a framework for assessment of biomedical research impact
ScienceCard logo
PeerEvaluation logo
Research Scorecard logo
Citeulike logo - Find out who's reading what you're reading.
Figshare logo - A repository where users can make their research available in a manner that allows it to be easily cited, shared, and discovered. It tracks views and shares on a few social media platforms.
PaperCritic - Allows users to share and review scholarly publications. It also tracks mentions of articles on Twitter.
Scholarometer logo - This is a browser plugin that utilizes Google Scholar to provide citation analysis data.

Altmetrics Tool Subscriptions

Interested in using these products? Suggest a tool for subscription to your subject librarian or fill out the online form.

Altmetric logo

Though some of their services are fee-based, their Altmetric Bookmarklet is a free service that provides metrics on recent literature.

Plum Analytics logo 

Plum Analytics is still in the development stages. Users are able to sign up for the beta version of the service, though, and the site provides a lot of detail on how it gathers data

Impactstory logo - Shows the impact of research products in journal articles, blogs, datasets, and software



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