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Not-so-hidden tips

Think the library is only a place to get books, CDs, and hop on a computer for your email? We've got so much more for you-- with some highlights listed below!

MLA, Turabian, Chicago, APA, alphabet soup

Do you get frustrated when you write a paper and you're trying to figure out how to cite a source properly? You have any number of options available:

  • Citation Management Tools
    • the FSU Libraries link out to 3 widely used tools for citation management
  • Have your own laptop or computer? check out Zotero
    • Zotero is a free software program you can download and you'll still be able to use it after graduation or if you change schools.
    • Zotero has a browser plug-in you can use to download the citation information into your citation library (and in many cases, the journal article too)
    • Zotero has a software extension for Microsoft Word that makes it easy to add your source while you write. Generating bibliographies is a breeze too! 
    • Zotero sample screens below!
  • EasyBib can help too, but is not as powerful as Zotero.
    • Don't let the many ads distract you!
  • Purdue OWL
    • Great resource for general writing and tips on citation styles.

Why do we have these things called citation styles? Ultimately these provide a uniform way to refer to a resource -- for example, in Chicago/Turabian, we know any title in quotation marks is going to be a part of a larger work -- for example, an essay in a book or an article in a journal issue. 

Zotero and Word

Be sure to install the Word plugin from Zotero Word Processor Plugins.

These examples are from Word for Mac; the Windows plugins work well, but may appear a little differently.

Once the Zotero toolbar is installed, you may have a menu item just for Zotero, it may be under "Add ons," or in a different menu. Why? Depends on your version of Word, your operating system, etc.

Installed Zotero toolbar

Ready to insert your citation?

Step 1 to insert a citation using Zotero in Word

Choose your preferred style, choose OK, then get ready to choose the source you wish to cite...

Choosing a citation in Zotero

Now, what does the citation look like in Word?


What about my Sources Cited or a Bibliography? No problem!


Inserting a bibliography in Word using Zotero

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