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Civic Literacy Requirement

The Civic Literacy Requirement

All students who enter FSU from Summer C 2018 or later must meet the State of Florida Civic Literacy requirement. Students can satisfy the Civic Literacy requirement by:

  1. Completing either POS1041 American National Government, or AMH2020 A History of the United States Since 1877, with a grade of "C-" or higher;
  2. Receiving credit for either POS1041 or AMH2020 through completion of one or more of the following:
    1. Advanced Placement Government and Politics: United States exam with a score of 3 or more;
    2. Advanced Placement United States History exam with a score of 4 or more;
    3. CLEP American Government exam with a score of 50 or more; or by
  3. obtaining a score of 60 out of 100 on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Naturalization Test, which will be administered at the Testing Center at Florida State University.

Please note:

The test is likely to be available at the Testing Center in late July or early August 2018, but please check with your advisor or return to the Curriculum page on the Liberal Studies website for updated information.

FSU’s Office of Distance Learning will be posting information about taking the test including hours available and examination procedures.

Opportunities for preparing for the exam will also be listed soon on the above websites.

This guides provides study materials, quizzes, flash cards, and helpful hints to prepare you for the Naturalization Test.

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