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Ringling Sculpture: Books

The Ringling Art Library

John Ringling: Dreamer, Builder, Collector: Legacy of the Circus King. (1996). John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art.

  • This book has some information on the sculptural elements of the architecture and the statuary. Contained within this volume is information on some sculptureal aspects that are often overlooked such as the stone statues lining the roof and the fountains. This book provides information on the bronze cast of Michelangelo's David and some of the other sculpture decorating the building. 

Call Number: N 742 .S5 J64 1996

Vilas, C. N., & Vilas, N. R. (1942). The John and Mable Ringling museum of art. Printed by C. D. Heller, inc.

  • This book provides good information on the sculptural elements of the Ringling Museum of Art such as the caryatids. This source has valuable information on the various sculptures decorating the grounds and features a section on the courtyard sculptures which notes the museums that hold the originals of the casts displayed in the courtyard. Commentary and background information is provided for many of sculptures as well.

Call Number: N 742 .S5 A5 1942 c.2

Weeks, D. C. (1993). Ringling: the Florida years, 1911-1936. University Press of Florida.

  • This book provides an in-depth biography of John Ringling. Weeks provides useful information on the purchase of the sculpture from the Chiurazzi Foundry and some useful information on the sculptures adorning the grounds and architectural features.

Call Number: N 742 .S5 W44 1993

Haskell, F., & Penny, N. (1981). Taste and the Antique: the lure of classical sculpture, 1500-1900. Yale University Press.

  • This book is an ideal resource for consultation on the history of reverence and taste for Classical sculpture from the Roman period to the 19th century. This book contains some information on the Chiurazzi Foundry. The inclusion of a catalog of various sculptures, including reproductions and copies, is ideal as well to consult for information regarding other copies of sculpture on the grounds of the Ringling Museum.

Call Number: NB 85 .H34 1981

Hack-Lof, F. (2004). Sculpture on the Estate of The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art.

  • This book details the sculptural elements of the grounds including the fountains in the courtyard and contains helpful information on the reproductions made by the Chiurazzi Foundry. This book provides brief information on the sculptures not in the courtyard as well like limestone lions and sphinxes at entranceways and the sculptures of the Dwarf Garden and the Rose Garden. 

Call Number: N 742 .S5 H33 2004

Brilliant, V. (2011). The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. Scala in association with The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art.

  • This book celebrates the legacy of John Ringling, recording the history of the museum and estate. This book is useful for a brief account of the history of the bronze and stone reproductions of Classical, Renaissance, and Baroque sculptures that decorate the grounds and buildings. Some basic information on the reproductions and the Chiurazzi Foundry are featured in this book as well as some information on the central courtyard of the art museum.

Call Number: N 742 .S5 B75 2011

Zaremba, M., & Green, K. (2013). Grounds and Gardens: The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. Scala Publications.

  • This book provides a brief history of the Ringling grounds and describes in brief the stone sculptures of the Rose Garden. The Art Museum courtyard is also accounted for with limited information on the Chiurazzi Foundry. This book provides some information pertaining to the contents of the courtyard including the reproductions of the two fountains, casts of Classical statues, and important architectural features all of which were essential to Ringling’s vision for the museum.

Call Number: SB 466 .U62 F56 2013

Mattusch, C. (2005). The Villa dei Papiri at Herculaneum: Life and Afterlife of a Sculpture Collection. J. Paul Getty Museum.

  • This book provides some excellent information on copies and reproductions as well as the Chiurazzi Foundry. This book is particularly useful for information concerning bronze reproductions and contains specific information on pertaining to the history of the Chiurazzi Foundry and some of their major commissions.

Call Number: NB 115 .M288 2005

Fucito, L. (2001). Fonderia artistica Chiurazzi  : la forma dell’arte. Altrastampa.

  • This book provides an extensive history of the Chiurazzi Foundry from its founder Gennaro Chiurazzi to his great-grandson Elio Chiurazzi. The author wrote this text to enhance the contribution of one of the most important foundries in the world to the history of sculpture.

Call Number: NK 7952 .N3 F65 2001

Note: The Ringling Art Library only holds an Italian copy of the book, there is not an English version.

Duchartre, P.-L. (1929). The Italian comedy: The improvisation, scenarios, lives, attributes, portraits and masks of the illustrious characters of the commedia dell'arte. New York: John Day.

  • This book provides extensive information on the commedia dell’arte including information on the individual characters and illustrations. This material therefore provides good information on the background and context of the dwarf sculptures of The Ringling, however, not on the sculptures themselves.

Call Number: PQ 4155 .D82 1966

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