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Case Studies: Researching/Writing Case Studies

A case study is an intensive study of a single group, incident, or community. The case method is the predominant form of instruction at major MBA programs across the world. URL:



  • Business Resources for Students - Case Studies, is written to help students become successful learners using the case method. It includes essays on what is case study analysis, how to analyze and write a case study report and the role of financial analysis.
  • Guide to Case Analysis, From the publisher McGraw Hill. Includes sections on objectives of case analysis, preparing a case for class discussion, preparing a written case analysis and the Ten Commandments of Case Analysis.

  • Resources on case study teaching from National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science

    Provides detailed instructions on writing good case studies across the curriculum. Essays include What Makes a Good Case? and The Way of Flesch: The Art of Writing Readable Cases

  • North American Case Research Association

    NACRA is a collaborative organization of hundreds of case writers and teachers, mostly in the business disciplines, who support each other's research and writing efforts. Its annual conference helps to develop the cases which will appear in the Case Research Journal, other journals, and textbooks. Cases, case-related papers, and proposals are invited from all fields that use cases as part of their teaching methodologies. Decision-oriented, field-researched cases are especially welcome.

Books on Case Studies

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