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HathiTrust Digital Library

The HathiTrust is a partnership of libraries and other research institutions devoted to digitizing and preserving their collections and making them available online.

Downloading content

Users must first log into HathiTrust to download content.  Logging in is slightly different from other FSU databases.  See below for instructions.

HathiTrust offers two options for downloading and saving material: downloading a single page or an entire book.  Either option is a simple process.  While viewing a book, click on the 'Download this page (PDF)' or 'Download whole book (PDF)' link on the left-hand side of the page. 

Downloading a single page prompts the PDF to automatically open in a new tab in your web browser.  From there you can save or print the page using the PDF menu.

When downloading an entire book the system may take a moment to generate the PDF.  Once it is ready, click on the 'Download PDF' link.  You will be prompted to open or to save the file.

What's Available to FSU Users?

FSU users have full-text access and downloading capabilities for those items in the public domain, including:

  • US federal government documents
  • Works published before 1923
  • Works still protected by copyright, but made available to HathiTrust with the permission of the copyright holder
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