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A guide to sources for the study of military history and the historical implications of war.

French Revolution & Napoleon @ FSU

FSU Special Collections & Archives houses one of the largest research collections in the world on Napoleonic studies and the French Revolution. Letters, journals, memoirs, newspapers, pamphlets and over 10,000 published books provide insight into the social, political, and military history of the times.

FSU is also home to the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution, a unique institution of graduate education in the History Department in the College of Arts and Sciences.It hosts an annual Weider History Conference bringing together early-career scholars from Europe and North America to present their cutting-edge research in the field of French Revolutionary historical study, organizes international conferences, publishes new research, sponsors a Distinguished Lecture Series at Florida State University, and is a founding member of the Consortium on the Revolutionary Era.

For more on these materials in the FSU Special Collections & Archives, visit:

Primary Sources


Great Britain

The Americas

Ambassadorial & Secret Service reports on Revolutionary and Napoleonic France (FO 27), 1781-1815 - Public Record Office 
Call Number: STROZIER LIBRARY Micromaterials -- Film 9406
Guide: STROZIER LIBRARY Micro DA47.1.A43 1984
CRL Guide:

Diplomatic correspondence between England and France, 1802-1803 with an appendix
Call Number: STROZIER LIBRARY Micromaterials -- Film 4318 no.18761
Includes some papers in French with English translation.

Despatches from United States ministers to France (1789-1906) - United States. Dept. of State. 
Call Number: STROZIER LIBRARY Micromaterials Film 436 France
General records of the US Department of State. Record Group 59. File microcopies of records in the US National Archives.

Notes from the French legation in the United States to the Department of State, 1789-1906 - France. Ambassade (U.S.) 
Call Number: STROZIER LIBRARY Micromaterials Film 510 France

Americana not in Sabin, Group 5: France and America during the French Revolution
Call Number: STROZIER LIBRARY Micromaterials Mic 944.04
Most items in French. There does not appear to be a guide to this material. Search the catalog under the title "Americana not in Sabin" to get the full list of titles available. Some deal with French colonies, including Haiti.

Napoléon, sa Famille et son Entourage: Documents du Musée Historique d'État, Moscou
Call Number: STROZIER LIBRARY Micromaterials -- Film 9528
Most items in French, some items in other languages, German, etc.; Pref. and Remerciements in English.
Guide: STROZIER LIBRARY Micr DC216 .N36 1998

Sources Statistiques de l'Histoire de France les Enquêtes des Préfets de l'Empire
Call Number: STROZIER LIBRARY Micromaterials -- Mif 3724
Online Guide:
Print Guide: STROZIER LIBRARY Micr HA1215.S68 1975 guide

French Royal and Administrative Acts, 1256-1794
Call Number: STROZIER LIBRARY Micromaterials Film 9704
Guide: Marcel Lipkowitz. French royal and administrative acts, 1256-1794 : a subject guide to the New York Public Library collection of 16,000 pamphlets now on microfilm. NY: New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations, 1978.
STROZIER LIBRARY Micromaterials -- KJV270 .F74 1978-In-Library Use Only
Collection consists of approximately 16,000 pamphlets offering a wealth of information on the financial and political administration of France from the late thirteenth century to the end of the monarchy, with about three-fourths concentrating on the eighteenth century. Includes Arrets (the final judgments of an edict of the king by Parlements or royal courts or councils), Memoires (official reminders), Lettre Patentes (which established privileges), Royal Ordonnances (in response to petitions), and Remonstrances and Extraits. The subject matter varies widely and includes such topics as fiscal matters in the Chambres des Comptes, taxation and tariffs, toll collections and disputes, military administration, criminal justice, book printing and prohibitions, significant people and guilds.

Maclure Collection of French Revolutionary Materials
Call Number: STROZIER LIBRARY Micromaterials -- Film 2669
Guide: STROZIER LIBRARY Micr Z2179 .P4
1460 volumes in 372 reels
French Revolutionary Pamphlets, Broadsides, and Ephemera

Journal de Paris No.1 (Jan. 1777)-no.181 (June 1827)
Call Number: STROZIER LIBRARY Micromaterials -- Film PR 246
Journaux éphéméres de la période de la révolution
Call Number: STROZIER LIBRARY Micromaterials -- Film PR 253 1788-1789
Consists of 95 titles issued in Paris 1789-1792.

Napoleonic Wars, 1805-1815 Napoleonovskie von̆y, 1805-1815 - Russian State Military History Archive, Moscow, Russia
Call Number: STROZIER LIBRARY Micromaterials -- Film 9686
Guide: STROZIER LIBRARY Micr DC226.2.N34 2002

The Maclure Collection of FrenchRevolutionary Materials
Call Number: STROZIER LIBRARY Micromaterials -- Film 2669
Reels: 1-372

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