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Civil Rights

A guide for locating materials in Strozier Library which pertain to the Civil Rights Movement.


Welcome to the Strozier Library guide for finding materials about the Civil Rights Movement. The main purpose of this guide is to help researchers locate collections of primary sources in Strozier Library that may help them research individuals and organizations that were active during the Civil Rights Era.

The tabs across the top of this page break up the Library's resources into several categories, with each page listing a general description of that type of resource, as well as the names and locations of items in the library.

Many of the resources on this guide are micromaterials. To learn more about finding and using these items, visit our micromaterial guide.

What's in this Guide?

The majority of this guide is focused on primary sources- original items which were created during the Civil Rights Movement. Examples of primary sources on this topic include the records of civil rights organizations, such as the NAACP, as well as African American newspapers that covered the events at the time, such as the Chicago Defender.

In addition to these collections, this guide also list catalogs and indexes to locate secondary sources which may help with research in this area.

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