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INR 3933: International Democracy Promotion

Created by mohamed Berry for Dr. Inken von Borzyskowski Course


CIA World Fact Book

Search Strategy:              

i. Use the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the page to select a country: This tab contains information about the government, economy, energy, communications, transportation, military, geography, and transnational issues (international disputes).

ii. Under “References” tab, select “Guide to Country Comparisons”: Compares different indicators (military, economy, and geography) for countries under consideration.


Europa World Plus


Search Strategy:   

i. Consider this resource as a country directory. It has basic facts, but it mostly links to country sources.

ii. Click on the "Countries/Territories" tab at the top of the page. Select a country. On the resulting page, click on a link that corresponds to search subject -- for example, click on Afghanistan, go to "Directory: Government and Politics", then click on President, to see the results of the last presidential results.

iii. Europa World requires a lot of clicking around. And it's not intuitive enough. So you will have to guess where certain information is. But once you get to what you want, it might as well be the only place that provides that information.


International Foundation for Electoral Systems


Search Strategy:

i. Under Regions, click “view all country”.

ii. This resource contains election audits for countries. Some reports are on democracy indicators, such as gender equality, and political participation of civil society groups.

iii. Use “Russia” as an example.

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