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French Revolution & Napoleon Collections

Uncovering the Old Regime

The Ancien Régime, or Old Regime, is the term for the sociopolitical order of France until the French Revolution. Researchers can browse our holdings to find unique primary and secondary sources to learn more about the Old Regime.

Manuscript Collections

  • Finance and Credit, 1715-1787 (2 folders)
    • Includes David Bien's notes on Archives National Series K primary sources and the Joly de Fleury papers on the subject of credit and budgets in Old Regime France.
  • Ennobling Offices, 1771-1789 (2 folders)
    • Contains a list of venal offices that ennobled the holder, their capital values, length of time to receive nobility, and the proportion of office holders with nobility.
  • Berwick Regiment lists of revenue and expenses, 1771-1772
  • Dillon Regiment Officer correspondence

In the Catalog

Catalog searching: You can search our library catalog online. Under the advanced search, you can narrow down the body of materials by choosing Strozier Library, Special Collections or Strozier, Napoleon Collection as a filter.

Helpful search terms in English of French for learning about the Old Regime may include:

  • Nobility
  • Kings
    • Louis XIV, XV, and XVI
  • Military history
  • Institutions
    • Catholic Church
    • Parlement

In the Digital Library

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