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CTE 5890 Perspectives in Retail Entrepreneurship

This course focuses on the theories utilized in merchandising, including evaluating the use of these theories in current research. This guide provides guidance to students on the initial research design of the their topic and how to choose and use a citat


There are hundreds of different citation styles - AMA Style, APA7, Chicago Style, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard Business style, MLA style. Each style has its pluses and minuses. Some are more academic, some more scientific, some more useful for literature. All are based on the concept of allowing the reader to find their way back to the original materials the writer has used to craft their writing.

Which is the best  is determined by a couple of factors: what do you feel comfortable  with, they style dictated by your professors and the style dictated by the journal you are writing for. Generally, your professor will let you know what style you need to use for citations. However, you might choose a different style based on the literature you're reading. Talk with your professor.

Once you decide on a style you need to think about a citation management tool. Your thesis statement might take anywhere from a dozen to 100s of articles to write. Using a citation management tool will simplify this process tracking citations and in some cases, actually manage electronic copies of wht you are reading for easier offline work.

Citation Management Tools

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