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CTE 5890 Perspectives in Retail Entrepreneurship

This course focuses on the theories utilized in merchandising, including evaluating the use of these theories in current research. This guide provides guidance to students on the initial research design of the their topic and how to choose and use a citat

A Brief Intro to Publisher Alerts

Publisher websites are where articles are first provided, prior to their being sent to database vendors. Publishers often provide information on research articles while they are still "in press" unlike databases which do not often include content until after it is officially published, sometimes for weeks or months after it has been made available on the publisher website.

Publishers also offer the option to sign up for alerts regarding articles in all of their publications and journals without the requirement of a subscription to the journal. The drawback to publisher alerts is that they usually cover a fairly small number of journals while database alerts can cover several thousand journals.

Scholarly journals publish a "feed" containing the Table of Contents (TOC) for their most recent issues. The TOC updates will come up as alerts in the feed each time a new issue is published. This provide a convenient means of staying informed about developments in an academic field.

Publisher Websites

Both email and RSS feeds are available among these Publishers.  Some include the option to join them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter,

  • American Chemical Society
  • American Psychological Association
    The largest scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States.
  • Cambridge Journals Online
    Register with CJO and then pick the journals for which you wish to receive alerts via e-mail or RSS.
  • Chronicle of Higher Education
    The Chronicle of Higher Education is one of the best known sources for information, job opportunities, and overall news relevant to the interests of faculty, students, and universities.
  • Emerald Publishing (management, library science)
    Covers business, management, materials science, tourism and hospitality, and library science journals. Register to sign up for table of contents alerts, weekly digests for all journal issues published, or saved search alerts via email.
  • Karger (biomedical sciences)
    RSS feeds provide you with the latest abstracts and tables of contents. The Karger Alert System includes e-article alerts, early book announcements and book release notifications via email.
  • National Academies Press
    Look in right sidebar for links to signup for email updates, RSS feeds, twitter, and Facebook.
  • National Bureau of Economic Research
    A private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of how the economy works. Registering allows you to receive notifications of new working papers and data releases in areas of interest.
  • Nature Publishing Group - email alerts
    Click on the journal title(s) of interest and look for the link to sign up for email-alerts and RSS Feeds.
  • Oxford University Press Journals
    OUP journals cover a broad range of subject areas. Once registered you can receive free sample issues, flexible email alerts and the option to save favorite articles and searches.
  • Routledge - See Taylor & Francis
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
    Register to receive alerts via email or RSS feed.
  • Sage Publications
    Covers a wide variety of subject areas. Create a login and signup for email/RSS feed for a journal.
  • Springer (science, technology, and medicine)
    SpringerAlerts keep you up-to-date with recently published Springer books and journals. As an alerts subscriber, you will receive news about upcoming books, journal tables of contents and special offers.
  • Taylor & Francis
    Taylor & Francis group covers a variety of subjects through many publishers it is home to. These publishers include Psychology Press, Routeledge, Garland Science, Focal Press, and CRC Press, Signup for access research alerts. At the top of the page (under the journal title) you can click on the New content alerts button
  • University of Chicago Press Journals
    You can sign up for RSS feeds or table of contents alerts.
  • Wiley
    You can sign up to receive RSS feeds about new titles.
  • Wiley Interscience
    Traditionally strong in the sciences; however, also covers a wide range of business, social sciences, and humanities subject areas. Register via My Profile. Offers citation tracking, saved searches and journal ToC alerts.
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