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*Urban & Regional Planning

A library guide to help students enrolled in the Urban & Regional Planning Department and/or Urban & Regional Planning classes.

Browsing or Searching Strategy

Try browsing the library collection in these call number ranges:

LC Call No. Range Description
HB 2160 - HB 2370
HB 2371 - HB 2580
Urban population
Rural population
HD 51-1595
     HD 51-65
HD 101 - HD 1400
     HD 101-395
     HD 161-165
     HD 165.5-169.9
     HD 170-178
     HD 201-221
     HD 231
     HD 251-265
     HD 281
     HD 321-325
     HD 330-334
     HD 351-352
     HD 361-384
     HD 388
     HD 390-395
     HD 401-485
Cities, Communities, Races
Land use. Real estate business.
     Urban Groups, Urban Sociology, The City
     Garden Cities, "The City Beautiful"
     City Planning, Zoning
     Urban Renewal, Urban Development
     City Population (including children in cities, immigration)
     Effect of City Life
     Mental and Moral Life
     Recreation, Amusements
     The City as Economic Factor, City Promotion
     Metropolitan Areas
     Suburban Cities and Towns
     Urbanization, City and Country
     Regional Economics
     Regional Planning
     Rural Sociology
HE 1- HE 9900
     HE 305-HE 311
     Urban transportation
HT 165.5 - HT 250 
HT 281 - HT 400

HT 401-HT 600
City planning. Urban renewal. Urban economics. Urban population. Urban ecology
Recreation. Amusements. Urban economics, Metropolitan and suburban areas. Urbanization.
City and country. Regional planning. 
Rural groups. Rural sociology
HV 4023 - HV 4470.7 Poor in cities. Slums.
NA 9000 - NA 9428 Aesthetics of cities. City planning
RA 421 - RA 790
RA648.5 - RA 635.5 
Public health. Hygiene. Preventive medicine.
SB 469 - SB 486  Landscape architecture. Parks and public reservations.

 Try searching for these subject headings in the Libraries' catalog.

  • Cities
  • City Planning
  • Community Development
  • Environmental Policy
  • Globalization
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure
  • Land Use
  • Regional Planning
  • Sustainable Development
  • Transportation
  • Urbanization
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Textbooks, New Books & 100 Essential Books of Planning (APA)

How to Find Dissertations & Theses

Search Tip  

Global Dissertations

FSU Dissertations

Undergraduate Theses 

  • FSU Honor Theses 
    • FSU Research Repository 
  • From other universities 
    • Google
      Search for theses and dissertations collection of the institution, then search/browse the collection by degrees, topics or departments.
      e.g., "theses and dissertations" collection "ABC University"



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