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Digital Humanities

A guide to DH projects, tools and resources.

People @ FSU

Sarah Stanley (University Libraries) is the Digital Humanities Librarian at FSU. She also serves on the Technical Council of the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium (TEI).

Micah Vandegrift (University Libraries) is the digital scholarship coordinator for University Libraries. He also serves on the THATCamp Council, and is actively involved in research and writing on the topic of digital humanities and libraries.

David Gants (English) teaches graduate courses on digital humanities and electronic scholarly editing.  He is currently working with a team of scholars on the Early English Booktrade Database, a "resource devoted to the organization and dissemination of physical descriptive bibliographical statistics for books printed in England 1475-1640."

Tarez Graban (English) leads the interdisciplinary Digital Scholars reading and discussion group devoted to digital humanities, instructional technologies and electronic and online scholarship. Dr. Graban's DH work is in rhetorical studies, digital archives, metadata, and institutional and disciplinary histories.

Will Hanley (History) received a National Endowment for the Humanties Digital Humanities Start-up grant for his ongoing work on Prosop, a "social networking tool for the past."

Jennifer Koslow (History) directs the Historical Administration and Public History Program. She is teaching a course on Digital History in the Fall of 2012. She also works closely with the Museum Studies program. 

Owen Mundy (Art) teaches and works in the intersection of data, design and public space. His technical and aesthetic skills combine in a variety of projects including data vizualizations and manipulations.

John Corrigan (Religion) teaches American religious history and also works in the emerging area of Spatial Humanities. He is a co-editor of The Spatial Humanities: GIS and the Future of Humanites Scholarship

Click the network visualization below for a glimpse at the Digital Humanities Ecology at FSU (updated October 2017). This visualization was created using Gephi, an open-source network visualization application.

Programs and Organizations @ FSU


"Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities"





The Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities (PIH) promotes the humanities from an interdisciplinary perspective by offering courses and curricula that answer questions humanists have long asked -- questions about what artifacts and texts mean and how artifacts and texts function for the communities that use them. With over 400 majors and minors, PIH allows students to chart a unique course which combines multiple areas of interest and specialization.

 "The Florida State University Libraries"

The Office of Digital Research and Scholarship (DRS) offers collaborative partnerships and consulting for technology-inflected research in the areas of digital humanities, academic publishing, data management, and digital pedagogy. We focus on connecting people to people and providing tools and content for new forms of scholarship.

"HoTT: History of Text Technologies" logo

History of Text Technologies (HOTT) is an interdisciplinary certificate program which combines studies in the history of the book and media cultures. The curriculum explores the changing material and aesthetic technologies of cultural transmission in scribal, print, visual, and digital forms. Affiliated faculty from English, History, Art History, Modern Languages, Religion, Information Studies.

The Florida State University Libraries

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