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FSU Libraries and Canvas Integration

This guide is designed to help faculty and instructors integrate library resources and services into Canvas courses.

Integrating Asynchronous Library Instruction into your Canvas Course

We have created a Canvas module titled “Information Literacy Overview” comprised of short, focused library tutorials, lessons, and links that contains the topics presented in the introductory library instruction sessions with the goal of introducing library resources, the peer review process, database searching, plagiarism, citation management and more. You can use this module for your online, in-person, synchronous, or asynchronous courses. Follow the steps below to add the module to your Canvas course.

1. Search for the module by typing in the title or browsing through FSU shared content: Information Literacy Overview.


2. Click the name of the course (Information Literacy Overview).



3. Select the course and the Import Into Course Button.


4. This will import the module into the Pages section of the course you selected. In order to increase accessibility, we suggest adding the module to your navigation bar. This can be done using the Redirect Tool application within your Canvas site.

In order to set this up, navigate to your Settings.


5. Select apps.


6. And then search for Redirect.


7. Add the application by clicking on it and selecting Add App. 



8. The Name should reflect the name of the resource. Use the URL of the module (URL will be different for each course) as the URL Redirect. You can choose ‘force open in new tab’ if desired, and you can check “show in course navigation” if desired. Then choose Add App.

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