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FSU Libraries and Canvas Integration

This guide is designed to help faculty and instructors integrate library resources and services into Canvas courses.

Import FSU Libraries Videos & Tutorials from Canvas Commons

FSU Libraries has imported some of our most popular videos and tutorials into Canvas Commons so you can easily add them into your course to assist students utilize library resources and navigate the research process. 

1. Click on the Commons link on the Canvas navigation menu.

2. Press the Filter button next to the search bar, and under Shared With, select Florida State University. This will limit the commons items you see to be only those from FSU.

3. Once you find a learning object you would like to import into your course, select the resource.

4. On the right side, select Import/Download, select the courses you want to add it to, and then click Import into Course.

The learning object will then be available in the Pages in your Canvas Course, as well as other places. For example, if the imported object was a quiz, you can find it under 'Quizzes'

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