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expert search example

Expert Search

The Expert Search uses the Common Command Language (CCL) to search for words or headings in several different indexes at once [Note: the search above is requesting all records with a SuDoc class of "I 29.2:" and with a base cutter of "B 14"]. Codes must be used to indicate the index to be searched--the full listing of codes is at the bottom of the page. The syntax of an Expert Search is: 

<index>=<search term> [Boolean operator <index>=<search term>] 

index = the code of the word index to be searched, such as 'wti' (words in title), 'wsu' (words in subject) etc. 

search term = is the word or phrase you are looking for. You can use truncation and masking (wildcard characters) operators here if required (e.g. 'national*' or 'wom!n'). 

Boolean operator = AND, OR, or NOT, used to combine multiple terms in the statements. 

If necessary, parentheses can be used to prioritize parsing of the command. 

Expert Search Example

To find records with "migratory birds" anywhere in the document title, and to find only records with a link to the online version of the publication, use:

WTIE = "migratory birds" AND WUR = http://purl

will find all records with an electronic version of the publication that have the exact phrase, "migratory birds", in the title. 

WFM = ( BK ) AND BNO = ( "S 55" )

will find all records having the format of "Book" and a legislative Bill Number of "55".

Note: Available item formats are

  • BK = Books
  • SE = Serial
  • MP = Map
  • CF = CD/DVD
  • VM = Visual Materials
  • MX = Mixed Media
005 = "201406?" AND WPS = ( d )

Finds records created or updated in June 2014 that have ceased, which are continuing/integrating resources that no longer have new issues produced, are no longer updated, or a change in author or title has caused a successive entry record to be created.  Note that the record date will vary according to the time it was last updated by catalogers, and may not reflect the desired research date.

Command Code Language

Command Code Language terms available in Expert Search

Code Definition Code Definition
005 Date of record **** WAU Author keywords
APN Author begins (last name first) * WFM Format **
BNO Bill Number WGS Geographic Subjects
CAA Corporate/Agency Author keywords WLCS Library of Congress Subjects
CAU Corporate/Agency Author begins * WLN Language Code ***
COP Conference Proceeding keywords WNASA NASA Subjects
CON Conference Proceedings begins * WNEW New Records by Date ****
GDI Item Number WNC Contents
GVD SuDoc Class Number WNO All Notes
ISBN ISBN (omit hyphens) WNO Contract Number
ISSN ISSN (user hyphen) WNO Shipping List Number
LCC Library of Congress Class Number begins * WNO Technical Report Number
LCI Library of Congress Class WPL Publication Place
OCLC OCLC Number WPS Publication Status
SRS Series begins * WPU Publisher keywords
SSN Series Number WRD Keywords
SUB Subject begins * WSM MeSH Subjects
SUD SuDoc Class Number begins * WSN Stock Number
SUL Library of Congress Subjects * WSR Series keywords
SUM MeSH Subjects * WSU Subject keywords
SUN NASA Subjects * WTI Title keywords
SYS CGP System Number WTIE Exact Title keywords
TIT Title, title variations, form title begins * WUR Internet Access
TPR Title: proper (omit initial article) * WYR Year of Publication


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