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Resources on American Roots Music, MUH 3053: Home

Head, Warren D. Allen Music Library

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Laura Gayle Green
Allen Music Library
College of Music, FSU
122 N. Copeland St.
Tallahassee, FL 32306
Website Skype Contact: lauragayle
Subjects: Music

Welcome and where to start!

Howdy! You're exploring a type of music near and dear to my heart -- American Roots Music! I grew up listening to bluegrass, old time, and gospel music and my family were active participants in this music! As you can see from the photo below, I am still an active participant (at least in the Old Time genre). 

You're learning more about how to listen to this music, identify the many different styles and genres, but what about finding information on these various styles? Where can you locate articles and books about these musicians and styles? This guide will provide information finding these different resources, and I hope you enjoy reading more about how these musics came to be and how they are performed now. 

Below is a list of quick links for finding music resources in general, but this guide will give you more specific resources for your class.


King Arthur and the Self-Rising Flours, FSU Old Time Ensemble, Fall 2018

Music Quick Links

Frequently Used Resources

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