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Environmental History: A Library Research Tutorial

Guide to historical research using library materials and freely available online resources.

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Adam Beauchamp
In addition to my training as a librarian, I also have research experience in history. I am particularly interested in the Atlantic world and Early America, and I am currently researching the history of the United States Gulf Coast, archives, and the power to narrate the past. I am a committed educator who embraces critical pedagogy. I work for ethical and responsible use of technologies in libraries.
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Hello! My name is Adam Beauchamp, and I'm the history librarian here at FSU Libraries.

Welcome to the library research guide for Environmental History. I hope you find the information here helpful as you work through the research process.

Just a few notes on how to use this guide. First, the research process is hard to fit into a step-by-step guide because it is not a linear process. Research is circular, and often involves revisiting previous steps as the project evolves. Therefore, don't feel like you have to go through each page of this guide in the order they appear on the left hand side of the screen. Feel free to consult each page as you need it, and perhaps more than once.

Research is also very personal. Hopefully you will choose a topic that is of special interest to you. Because everyone's research process is unique, this guide probably won't answer all of your questions or meet every need. Be sure to reach out to me or your professor if you get stuck or need help with something specific to your project.

You can email me or schedule a research appointment using the links below my picture on the lower left portion of this page.

Happy researching!


Thanks to Matthew Guerdat, FSU Libraries intern and MIS degree candidate, for assistance in creating content for this tutorial.

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