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Syd Solomon

The Ringling Art Library

Auping, Michael, George S. Bolge, Gail Levin, and Mike Solomon. Syd Solomon: Concealed and Revealed. Estate of Syd Solomon/Artsentry Inc., 2016.

  • This remarkable publication accompanies a traveling exhibition of the same name and documents Solomon’s life and introduces new scholarship and insight on Solomon’s life and work. Annie, Solomon’s wife, credits Levin with contributing “the single most important piece of scholarship on Syd and his connection to Abstract Expressionism to date,” which is included in this anthology (“Acknowledgments”). The publication ends with a concise, but enlightened biography, which highlights Solomon’s extraordinary contribution to the art world during his lifetime.

Call Number: ND 237 .S6329 A4 2016

Dean, Kevin and Michael Solomon. Syd Solomon Revisited. Ringling School of Art and Design, 2001.

  • This 2001 exhibition—which took place at the Ringling School of Art’s Selby Gallery—showcased a large number of paintings produced toward the end of Solomon’s career, many of which had never before been on view at the Gallery. Dean describes the paintings as lyrical, a beautiful and perceptive way of describing Solomon’s work. Solomon’s son, Michael, presents a captivating biography of his father, covering topics such as “Origins,” “East Hampton and the New York School,” and “Engineering an Aesthetic.” The narrative is accompanied by beautiful color illustrations of the exhibition paintings, of Solomon’s later works.

Call Number: ND 237 .S6329

Solomon, Syd. “Syd Solomon Discusses New Painting Mediums and Methods.” American Artist, vol. 18, no. 5, 1954, pp. 22-25, 60.

  • In this magazine article Solomon discusses his experiments with using new artistic mediums, specifically polymer tempera, which he used to create the painting Summit. He provides in great detail his process for creating Summit in hopes that it will excite the curiosity of other artists and encourage them to experiment with painting methods, as well.

NOTE: This issue can be retrieved by a librarian from The Ringling Art Library’s periodical room.

Ringling Museum of Art. Syd Solomon: A Retrospective Showing. Ringling Museum of Art, 1974.

  • This publication is unique and fascinating for its inclusion of a transcribed conversation between Solomon and his close friend, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Leslie Judd Ahlander also provides an illuminating introduction to Solomon’s life and work. This catalog accompanied an exhibition series of well-known contemporary artists at the Ringling Museum of Art in 1974, which began with a retrospective showing of Solomon’s paintings.

Call Number: ND 237 .S6329 J65 1974

Ormond, Mark. Syd Solomon: A Genesis of Sensibility: Selected Works 1946-1958. Greene Contemporary, 2006.

  • The works selected for this exhibition highlight the experimental period when Solomon began to move away from painting narrative works in favor of painting more purely abstract works. According to Ormond, this period indeed marked the genesis of a new sensibility. This is an illuminating examination of a formative period in Solomon’s career.

Call Number: ND 237 .S6329 A4 2006

Dean, Kevin and Meg Perlman. Syd Solomon: A Dialogue with Nature. The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, 1990.

  • This exhibition catalog is particularly interesting for Dean’s retrospection on his own personal experiences with Solomon. He and Perlman draw on theirs and Solomon’s conversations and interviews as part of their short surveys of Solomon’s life, career, and artistic technique, making their prose particularly captivating.

Call Number: ND 237 .S6329 A4 1990

Hope, Henry and John D. MacDonald. Syd Solomon. Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, 1978.

  • Hope and MacDonald provide readers succinct interpretations of Solomon’s paintings and technique. Their narratives accompanied an exhibition showcasing Solomon’s most recent works.

Call Number: ND 237 .S6329 A4 1978

Sarasota Art Association. Recent Paintings by Syd Solomon. Sarasota Art Association, 1961.

  • This exhibition showcased Solomon’s major recent paintings, which had never before been on view in the Sarasota Art Association galleries, and this concise booklet describes Solomon and his paintings in a subjective manner.

Call Number: ND 237 .S635 .S3

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