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Library and Technology Jobs: Interviews

This LibGuide is designed to help School of Information students and grads with their job search.

Mock Interviews

A mock interview gives you the chance to practice answering interview questions and even receive some feedback on your performance during the mock interview. 

The FSU Career Center offers the opportunity for you to participate in a free mock interview. Face-to-face, panel, and Skype interviews are offered at the Career Center on campus. Distance students can also sign up for mock telephone interviews through the Career Center. The Mock Interview Mentor will use your resume to tailor the interview questions to your specific career goal. To set up a mock interview:

  1. Set up your profile on the FSU Career Center's SeminoleLink.
  2. Sign in to SeminoleLink.
  3. Complete your Profile.
  4. Upload at least one Resume and one Cover Letter to your profile.
  5. Complete the "Authorization Form for Plus! Services and Mock Interviewing" found under the "Announcements/Student Tools" section. Within 48 hours you should be notified of authorization. 
  6. Then, click the "Jobs that Match My Profile" link under "Find a Job"
  7. Do a keyword search for "mock" to view all current mock interview schedules.
Some recruiting companies also offer this service for a fee. Additionally, sit down with a friend or family member and run through a list of common interview questions. This will allow you to work through your answers and become comfortable with answering questions. 
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