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An introduction to the adaptations in the academic publishing model, including open access publishing and archiving, authors rights, and tools and strategies for measuring the impact of research.

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The FSU Faculty Senate adopted an open access policy on February 17, 2016, ensuring that future scholarly articles authored by FSU faculty will be made available to the public at no charge. This policy demonstrates the commitment of our faculty to disseminating the fruits of their research and scholarship as widely as possible, and promises to increase authors’ rights, readership, and citation rates. The waiver provision ensures that all faculty have the freedom to publish in the journal of their choice.

The Open Access policy was reinforced when FSU's Office of Research Compliance Programs developed a university policy on public access to research publications (PDF). The policy includes more information and best practices for complying with the Open Access policy, in addition to outlining separate requirements for grant-funded researchers.

Full and complete information related to the OA Policy is available at the Open Access @ FSU website. The site enables authors to read the policyget answers for common questions about the policyget Policy Waivers and Copyright Agreement Addendums, and deposit their work in DigiNole.

FSU Open Access Materials:

Dr. Mark Riley on the FSU Faculty Senate Open Access Policy

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