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Alerts for Academic Use: RSS Feeds

This guide is an informational tool on setting up notifications that alert individuals to information relevant to their interests.

Locating RSS feeds

  1. Search the web page for a button that should look like (or similar to) Icon with three curved lines in an orange box
  2. In Firefox, click on the bookmark display tag Icon with three stacked lines on the upper right of the screen, then go to "customize." When a feed is available you will see this icon  Icon with "Subscribe" beneath three curved lines
  3. Search Google - ex: search "nature RSS"
  4. Many readers offer a feature to help you discover feeds relevant to your interests.


Such RSS links may appear as any of the following:

Linking RSS Feeds to your Email

A list of quick, easy, and free services that will send your RSS feeds directly to your email account.

What is RSS?

How to Get an RSS Reader

How do I get an RSS reader/aggregator?

There are plenty of web-based RSS readers & aggregators that are available. They include mobile apps & client-based software.  A large number of readers will sync your feeds and favorites across computers and mobile devices.

Popular readers:

Note: Google Reader has shut down as of 7/1/13, but there are many alternatives:

Put RSS feeds right into your browser

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