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Tools for Asynchronous Learning

This guide contains information for conducting class activities at a distance or online. It provides some information on platform privacy, and some sample assignments for last-minute transitions to distance learning.

Sample Assignment

Video Annotation/Analysis with the Kaltura Media Player


If students are normally required to respond to video content in-class either verbally or in writing, the time-stamped comment functionality integrated into the Kaltura Media Player (which is the media player included in Canvas) can be leveraged to track student responses and engagement with video course materials.


Students will use this assignment to critically examine and respond to video course materials and engage in dialogue with each other and the instructor.


1. Instructors or Canvas admins can upload video content to the Kaltura Media Player for their students to engage with. This material will be accessible through the Course Media tab of a given Canvas page. For information on using Kaltura and managing/uploading content, refer to this FSU Canvas Support Center page.

- For further assistance in uploading video content, reach out to Dave Rodriguez, Resident Media Librarian:



2. Once a media item is uploaded, anyone enrolled or overseeing the course will be able to access the material. The interface is rather intuitive and very similar to YouTube, Netflix, etc.

Example video in Course Media page


































3. While a video is playing, users can create time-stamped comments at specific moments. Simply pause the video at the point you wish to insert a comment, scroll down to the Comment section and click into the text-field, check “Add Comment at HH:MM:SS,” and write the text of comment.

Comment section and box



4. Click “Add” to submit the comment. The text will then be displayed with a link to that particular point in the video. Each comment also starts its own thread where other users can reply to each other. If further comments wished to be created by the same user, the “Add Comment at….” options will update accordingly as the video keeps playing.

Comment section with "Add a Comment" box and example published comment

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