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Tools for Asynchronous Learning

This guide contains information for conducting class activities at a distance or online. It provides some information on platform privacy, and some sample assignments for last-minute transitions to distance learning.

Requesting Assistance with Digital Assignments

The sample assignments in this guide are intended to give you a sense how to communicate with your students when you are not able to physically be in class with them. These assignments are intended to serve as a stand-in for class discussion/class participation, when live discussion over Zoom or asynchronous discussion over Canvas is not possible or desirable. 

If you have any problems with Zoom, Canvas, or other FSU-supported technologies, please contact representatives through the Office of Distance Learning (ODL) or Information Technology Services (ITS).

If you are interested in developing an assignment that specifically uses digital technologies as a means of inquiry in the classroom, you may contact the Office of Digital Research and Scholarship (DRS) at FSU Libraries to consult on designing an assignment or having a DRS affiliate provide instruction for your class. You can request an instruction session through

Our librarians, by research interest are:

Matt Hunter:

  • Topics: Geospatial humanities, 3D modeling and photogrammetry, data visualization
  • Tools and languages: QGIS, Blender, Unity

Dave Rodriguez

  • Topics: Media analysis, data visualization, geospatial humanities
  • Tools and languages: QGIS, ffmpeg, D3.js

Sarah Stanley:

  • Topics: text analysis, text encoding, data visualization, humanities data curation
  • Tools: R, TEI, XSLT, Omeka


Digital Technology Related Libguides

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