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ENT5936: Product Development Colloquium

Browsing is a great way to discover something new. Here are the Library of Congress call numbers to assist browsing in your areas. Remember to check the oversized sections in Strozier as well. Explore!

  • OneSearch catalog has a way to “browse” the shelve electronically, just look for a subject term, limit to books, and find a title of interest and at bottom of the page will be the “virtual browse”
  • Not all eBooks are in the catalog, for some publishers it’s better to search the publisher’s database.

Architecture                                                    NA

Building construction                                     TH

Business & Industries                                     HD-HF

Communication. Mass media                        P87-P96

Communities                                                   HT

Computer & Digital Art                                  N7433.8-N7433.85

Computer science                                          QA75.5-QA76.765

Decorative Arts                                              NK

Drawing. Design. Illustration                       NC

Engineering (General)                                  TA  

Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical          TJ, TK

Fabrics and Textiles                                            NK 8801-9505, TS 1300-1860

Fine Arts                                                               N, NB, NC, ND, NE

Furniture                                                              NK 2205-2715

Graphic Design (General)                                 NC 997 - 1000

Handicrafts. Arts and Crafts                       TT

Home Economics                                         TX

Infographics                                                         P 93.5, T 385

Typography                                                          Z 246 - 250

Interior Design                                                    NA 2850, NK 1710-2195

Landscape gardening & Architecture       SB469-SB476.4

Lighting                                                                 NK 2115, TH

Manufactures                                               TS

Poster Design                                                       NC 1800

Printing                                                           Z116-Z265.5

Product and Industrial Design                           HD, TS 23-194

Psychology                                                      BF

Signs and symbols                                           GR931-GR935

Social and public welfare                                HV

Social sciences (General)                                H

Sociology (General)                                        HM

Technology                                                               T

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