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EDF 5519: The History of Higher Education

This research guide supports the major research project assigned in EDF 5519.

Photograph Collections

Florida State University Historic Photograph Collection

The Florida State University Photograph Collection contains images from the 1880s up to the 2010s. It is one of the most comprehensive visual representations of University History in Special Collections & Archives.


Flambeau/FSView Photograph Collection

The FSView/Florida Flambeau Photograph Collection contains images printed in the FSView and the Florida Flambeau, the student newspapers.

Alumni Association Miscellaneous Photograph Collection

Photographs in this collection were gathered by the Alumni Association and cover a wide range of topics. The photographs cover a time frame of 1900s up to the 1980s.

University & Student Publications

Talisman (1906-1914)

The Talisman was a student-run literary magazine that was first published in 1906 and then quarterly by the Thalian Literary Society and the Minerva Club, the first two literary debate societies of Florida State College for Women. It ran until 1914, when it was turned into a weekly newspaper called the Florida Flambeau. The Talisman featured short stories, poems, editorials, and campus notes all written by students.

Florida Flambeau (1915-1996)

Florida Flambeau was a student-run newspaper started by Florida State College for Women students in 1915 and published until 1998, when it was merged with FSView to become the FSView & Florida Flambeau.

FSView (1997)

FSView was another student-run newspaper established in 1992 as a rival to the Florida Flambeau. The two eventually merged in 1998.

Distaff (1928-1945)

Distaff was the college literary magazine for Florida State College for Women from 1927 until 1947. The name was then changed to Talaria. Much like The Talisman, Distaff served to showcase the literacy and expressiveness of students and to share news as to the happenings on campus.

Talaria (1947-1951) & Smoke Signals (1951-1970)

Talaria and Smoke Signals were continuations of the college literary magazine, previously the Distaff. It was renamed Talaria in 1947 and then to Smoke Signals in 1951. With the name change to Smoke Signals came a shift of content from literary to satire and humor. The last issue of Smoke Signals in our holdings is from Winter 1970, although publication continued until at least 1985.


Student Handbooks (1949-1960)

Student handbooks were the primary source for all information regarding campus and university life, including but not limited to campus rules, information regarding campus services, and social regulations for men and women. Some handbooks have been digitized, but handbooks for almost every year are available to view at the archives.

Bulletins & Course Catalogs (1880-2024)

Bulletins and course catalogs are published yearly and provide information about campus services, course offerings, and more.

Sports Media Guides (1949-2015)

Media guides are issued at the beginning of every sporting season and include schedules, team and player information, and some photographs. The collection includes a variety of sports and spans the 1940s to the 2010s.

Student Organization Collections

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association Records document the actions taken by student government and university administrations from 1989-2005. The records describe significant topics that have impacted students, such as accountability in higher education and the participation of student body presidents on the Florida Board of Regents and FSU Board of Trustees.


Black Student Union

Founded in 1968, the Black Student Union is a Student Government Agency that seeks to develop unity among black students and functions as a vehicle of communication in addressing those issues that affect black students in a university setting. These organizational records contain meeting minutes, correspondence, budget information, and scrapbooks covering their activities from 1990 until 2017.

Pride Student Union

Founded in 1969, the Pride Student Union is Student Government Agency that advocates for and empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people in Tallahassee. The collection contains administrative records, promotional materials, artwork, banners, newspapers, and journal and magazine clippings produced and collected by the organization since the late 1960s until 2015.




These collections contain unprocessed materials

spanning broader dates that are available by request.

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