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Sources and Reviews of Tests & Measurements

Finding Copies of Tests

In the databases listed to the right, you will be able to locate reviews of assessment instruments or tests. In some databases, you can find copies of tests or information that will lead you to copies of the test.

  • Using APA PsycINFO search the "Tests and Measurements, TM" field with the name of a test and then scroll down in the article to the "TM" field to show which test is mentioned in the article. Sometimes the bibliography in these articles will point out the book(s) the tests are in. 
  • In ERIC, search for "tests" in the "Publication Type" field to find items that include copies of tests or questionnaires. 
  • Dissertations Abstracts/Digital Dissertations database: Searching full-text dissertations will often have copies of tests, most often located in the Appendix part of the dissertation.
  • FSU Library Catalog: You can also search the Library's online catalog using the name of the test to see if we own a book that contains information or a copy of the test.
  • Publishers hold the copyright to tests they distribute.  You can contact the publisher to purchase tests or you can order and purchase tests online from the ETS Complete Test Directory
  • Test Review Program:  Sometimes publishers will allow faculty a free, 30-day test review. We can help you contact the publisher to find out if they offer that program.
  • For copies of unpublished tests, contact the author of the test.


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