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Strozier Library Map Collections

A guide to locating Maps in Strozier Library, including bound atlases and sheet maps.

Map Books & Atlases

Strozier's Map Collection includes several thousand bound volumes that deal with maps and geography.

A large portion of the collection includes atlases of the world, but we also have more detailed atlases which are devoted to specific regions or historical eras. To find these items, try conducting an advanced search in our catalog with relevant search terms, as well as the world "atlas" then select "Strozier, Maps" next to the "Location" option.

In addition to Atlases, Strozier's Map Collection also has books about maps and geography. These items include studies of place names, cartography, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and may provide helpful context for anyone consulting current and historical maps. To locate these items in the catalog, try adding "cartography" or "GIS" as search terms to see what you can find.

Finding Map Books

Strozier Map Books are shelved in the Scholars Commons, between Rows 43 and 53.

Regular-sized Map books are shelved in Rows 43 and 44.

Oversized Map books are shelved on top of the sheet map cabinets, between Rows 45 and 53.

To tell if a book is oversized, look at its record in the catalog. If it looks like this, you'll find it on top of the map cabinets:

Atlas Call Numbers

G1-922           Geography (General)
G65-69              Geographers
G70-70.6           Philosophy. Relation to other topics. Methodology
G80-99              History of geography
G100.5-108.5     Toponymy. Gazetteers, geographic names and terms
G140                 Great cities of the world
G141                 Historical geography
G142                 Aerial geography
G149-180          Travel. Voyages and travels (General)
G154.9-155.8    Travel and state. Tourism
G200-336          History of discoveries, explorations, and travel
G369-503          Special voyages and travels
G521-539          Adventures, shipwrecks, buried treasure, etc.
G540-550          Seafaring life, ocean travel, etc.
G575-890          Arctic and Antarctic regions
G905-910          Tropics (General)
G912-922          Northern and Southern Hemispheres

G1000-3122     Atlases
G1000-1000.5    Atlases of the moon, planets, etc.
G1001-1046       World atlases. Atlases of the Earth
G1050-1052       Northern and Southern Hemispheres
G1053                 Tropics. Torrid Zone
G1054-1055       Polar regions. Frigid Zone
G1059-1061       Maritime atlases (General)
G1100-3102       By region or country

G1100-1779          Western Hemisphere
G1105-1692             North America
G1110-1114                Greenland
G1115 (1193)              Canada
G1200-1534.24            United States
G1535-1537                 Caribbean area
G1540-1542                 Latin America (General)
G1545-1549                 Mexico
G1550 (1594)               Central America
G1600-1692                 West Indies
G1700-1779             South America

G1780-2799          Eastern Hemisphere
G1791-2196             Europe
G2110-2196                 Former U.S.S.R. Russia (Empire)
G2200-2444.84         Asia
G2445-2739             Africa
G2740-2799             Australasia
G2800-3064             Oceans (General)
G3100-3102             Antarctica
G3122                     Imaginary, literary, and mythological regions

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