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Geology Research at FSU

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources are freely available tools that can be used. 

Below are a few resources that can be used as review material and additional explanations of difficult concepts. This material can be presented in multiple formats such as textbooks, videos, diagrams, games, and more.

If any material is reused or referenced in a paper, project, or in any way make sure to cite the item properly. Just because something is free available for use does not mean it can be used with out proper citation.      

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All of the resources presented on this page come from the Open Educational Resources Commons.   

For more information on Open Education Resources please visit the FSU OER libguide.

Online Textbooks

  • Geology - This textbook breaks down major topics in geology such as minerals, plate tectonics, volcanology, hydrology, ect into easy to read sections. These sections define important terms and ideas; includes pictures, diagrams, and videos;  has links out to additional websites for videos or photo galleries; and each subsection includes short summary explanations of the ideas presented. 
  • Physical Geology - This textbook is an introductory textbook of physical geology covering topics such as minerals, plate tectonics, glaciation, ect. This textbook can be read online or downloaded in various formats. It is important to note that many of the examples in this textbook are concentrated on western Canada, especially British Columbia. 
  • Principles of rock mechanics - This textbook is apart of another course, but the readings are freely available. This textbook concentrates on the the fundamental concepts of rock deformation. The study of rock deformation and rock mechanics are used in areas such as construction operations, petroleum and mining industries, and locating subsurface repositories.
  • Structural Geology and Map Interpretation- This textbook is an additional resource for understanding structural geology. They cover basics of the how to read maps, geological features, and three-dimensional perspective diagrams. 
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